Largest deals in mlb history

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This in itself was remarkable, since multi-year contracts were extremely rare in the reserve clause era.

  1. 12. David Price.
  2. 20. Adrian Gonzalez, Boston Red Sox: $154 million over 7 years;
  3. Top 5 Biggest Contracts in the History of Sports!
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In he hit. The lofty salary did not induce complacency, as Cobb went on to win six of the next seven batting titles.

Mike Trout and LA Angels close to $430m deal, largest in sports history

It was his first of six one-year contracts as player manager. By that time he had won all 11 of his batting titles, amassed nearly 3, hits, and sported a career batting average of. The issue of player-managers clouds the salary question somewhat. Since I am interested in player salaries, not manager salaries, I had to make a decision on how to treat player-managers.

Ultimately, I decided to count the salary if the player remained a full-time player. Cobb was the only player-manager who made the list.


Ruth was coming off arguably the greatest single season performance of all time, and had firmly established himself as a superstar. In Ruth led the league in runs, home runs, RBIs, walks, on-base and slugging averages, and total bases. His 59 home runs transformed the game. It was the third consecutive year in which he had broken the all-time single season home run mark, and his total bested eight other MLB teams.

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At the turnstile, the Yankees drew more than 1. In Ruth also overtook the career home run leadership, a spot he would hold until While Ruth never reached the next milestone on my list, he remained the highest paid player in the game until Joe DiMaggio became the first, and second, player to earn six figures. He was coming off 10 consecutive seasons as an All Star, having finished in the top 10 in MVP voting nine of those 10 years, winning the award three times and finishing second two more times.

His career performance, and the fact that the Yankees were drawing two million fans per year, certainly seems to justify his perch as the highest paid player. To put that salary in perspective, DiMaggio was earning thirty times what the average American earned in Allen received the salary from the White Sox in his final year with the team. He was on the downside of his career by the time he hit this salary milestone.

That season he hit 32 home runs, the last time in his career he would top He was coming off a subpar season, one year removed from his MVP season. It took only three years for the top salary to double again. In contrast to Allen, Schmidt was on the upside of his career when he reached this milestone. He was only five seasons and home runs into a Hall-of-Fame career that saw him hit by the time he retired in In Nolan Ryan became the first million dollar player when he signed a four-year free agent contract with the Houston Astros for one million dollars per season.

The salary quadrupled what he had been making with the Angels. Ryan is the only pitcher on the milestone list. There are two other pitchers with notable contracts that bear mentioning here. In Catfish Hunter kicked off the new era of free agency when he left Oakland and signed a contract with the New York Yankees, which made him the highest paid pitcher in history.

As mentioned, Mike Schmidt topped that salary two years later. His Yankee contract was far from a record, however. It was larded with bonus conditions signing bonus, MVP bonuses for league, playoffs, and World Series, a bonus for finishing in the top five in Cy Young voting, being selected to the All Star game, winning a Gold Glove or a Silver Slugger award and perks eight premium season tickets, 12 round trips on a private jet, and a suite on all road trips that quickly made news and put Brown at the center of discussions of overpaid, pampered athletes.

More on that in a moment.

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In Bobby Bonilla earned the first five million dollar annual salary. Bonilla was a free agent when he signed a five-year contract with the Mets, more than doubling his salary with the Pirates. In Belle would be selected to his fifth consecutive All-Star Game, and for the second time the White Sox signed a player to a milestone contract. Belle signed as a free agent, bolting the Indians for a 75 percent pay boost.

Belle did not pay immediate dividends for the Sox, slumping from 48 home runs, RBIs, and a. Belle bounced back to 49——. At 33 in Rodriguez was certainly on the downside of his career, but his potential for breaking the all-time home run record should keep the crowds coming and the interest high enough to warrant the contract. Potential sales of A-Rod jerseys and bobbleheads, should he break the record, might be enough to pay off the contract.

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Albert Belle became the first member of what is no longer an exclusive club. In there were 88 players, just under 12 percent of the league, earning in excess of 10 million dollars per season. The average salary of those players has increased only slowly. A clue might be gleaned from looking at the source of past salary growth.

The salary milestones discussed in this essay are affected by three primary factors: inflation, free agency, and television. No one can fault the man for securing guaranteed multi-generational wealth and a commitment from the only franchise he has known as a professional. And waiting until after the season for free agency would not have been without risk: He missed time with injuries in both and , though none of them seem like the type to linger. Learn More. The Angels got a huge bargain giving Mike Trout the biggest contract in sports history. The Angels got a massive bargain.

More FTW. The Latest. MLB 32m ago Game 7: Nationals vs. Astros Live Online.

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