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However, on with the tweaking Ideal Tone Control An ideal volume control turns the guitar up and down. An ideal solitary tone control turns the influence of the pickup up and down. By influence of the pickup, I am referring to what the pickups signal looks like by itself see the first graph in the thread. But how do we find the sweet spot? In this case, we are going to set both the Tone Cap and Tone Resistance very low. As we learned previously, this means we will be sending only very high frequency information to the tone circuit, and most of that information will be grounded.

In my case the resulting frequency plot is like this; The next step then is to slowly dial in the capacitor, slowly increasing the amount of the high frequency information that is being filtered. You want to get to a point where the majority, or all of the original peak has been attenuated the peak will appear to move as you raise the capacitance. Here the peak has begun to move, so we are within the correct region, however the entirety of the original peak has not yet been removed. Here we have removed the original peak. From here you have the choice of shaping your tone control by adjusting the capacitance and the pot resistance.

Higher pot resistance, as we discovered will allow more of the pickup to come through when open. And so we have our range of tones for a now k pot to emphasise the pickups resonance more Interestingly when we get super low we get the mid-range quack from the cap in addition to tuning out the pickup resonance. Notable tone drift; Approximately 16dB of pickup resonance ignoring 3k due to colouration - This is approximately twice the loudness 18dB being twice as loud Approximately 4dB of midrange quack just over twice the amplitude Here's the comparison of the same sweep for the recommended capacitance and resistance 0.

Thanks to rolling the tone pot resistance up and somewhat the cap, we have gained approximately 6dB of tuning the pickup. Thanks to rolling the tone cap, we have gained approximately 3dB about 2x the amplitude of midrange quack. The subjective part; The signals are well within 0. In my opinion this is something that is good, as it allows me to dial in the guitars pickups or the quack without messing up my external EQ. And, for good measure, a graph of the stock recommended cap with k tone pot.

And a comparison with a k pot and a 0. It's probably worth mentioning that if I wish to pursue the option of the quack at this point I do , I will need to ensure that the minimum resistance of my pot is at or below about 15k. We can probably push more out of it by using a k volume pot Post reserved for discussion about where to tweak to because of the effect of eddy currents, how pickup type affects eddy currents, etc.

And ultimately how to do this for your guitar using the program I have. And how to have a mathematically perfect RC filter for your tone control. Wow my head hurts ihasmario Great stuff though! Discover my band! Kelly's Guitars! Current Builds and status scratch end grain pine tele - first clear coat on! JBA-4 - assembled - final tweaks Telemonster double scale tele - finish tobacco burst on body and sand neck Completed builds scratch oak. When I get the chance I'll do some examples and data for the pitbull guitar pickups I need to get a multimeter for that I have and explain step-by-step how to do it including some maths to save time with your capacitance.

I was learning this as I was going, through experimentation and figured it would be best to record things so I don't forget them. Some of the guys who know more about wiring than me are probably cringing at the tone cap being in front of the resistor where an ordinary RC would have it after , but it wouldn't have affected the results in such a simple example. If you're just a guy who plays or builds guitar and isn't really interested in the why of the electrical side of things or getting audiophile about them then obviously this thread is going to be of limited use.

Thanks for reading though. This post contains information how to determine capacitor values for your specific pickups, if you would like to undergo a similar design criteria. Once my DIs arrive, I will post a demo of the results for you to browse over, and determine if you like the tone controls that resulted from my experiment. Secondly, you will need a potentiometer subcircuit. If it is not installed correctly, you will receive an error upon opening the circuit files.

You can write them in full, or use abbreviations, for example pF for pico Faradays, and K for kilo eg. Kilo ohms. The volpot values are defined as; RTot - The maximum possible resistance of the potentiometer. If you take the midway resistance of your potentiometer, you can set RTap to that value and then set wiper to the value of tap, and that will give you the output frequency of your pickups when your pot is centered handy if you have a center detent.

To test the frequency output of your circuit relative to the natural sound of the strings , press the "Running Man" icon, and then move your cursor over output and click once or twice to disable other points in the circuit. If you want to do this and want help, or want another circuit don't hesitate to ask for help. I fin love science. I'll go through this later on my PC so I can get a better perspective.

As the tablet being a smaller screen tends to loose context.

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